Manokamana – Poetry on Film Series #4
Title: Report, Length: 45 seconds
Language: Nepali, Subtitles: English, Nepali

I don’t remember exactly when I wrote this short poem. “Report” is about the relationship we have as poets and artists with the country we choose to take refuge in, build a home, serve. It’s about the desire to see peace and prosperity flourish in the lands we traverse, be it our own or foreign. It’s about the collective failure of a people, a nation, which has become a Salusa Secundus of the modern world. (more…)

Manokamana – Heart’s Wish

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Manokamana (Heart’s Wish)
In memory of Gopal Prasad Rimal, the great Nepali revolutionary poet

‘मनोकामना’ – नेपाली क्रान्तिकारी कवि गोपाल प्रसाद रिमाल प्रति समर्पित
लेखन, छायांकन, सम्पादन तथा निर्देशन – शालिक शाह, अभिनय – अजपा शर्मा

Special thanks to Ajapa Sharma

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