Buddha Spirited: A daily prayer for meditation

Manokamana – Poetry on Film Series #3:
Buddha Spirited – Dharma Vir by Salik Shah
Language: Nepali. Subtitles: English, Nepali


Buddha Spirited

Inside the confines of dhamma, a banyan tree—
On a wide forehead, the gnarled roots of time!

Buddha spirited,
With every breath, I inhale the sky.
Becoming my true self
Holding heart with patience
Opening the golden wings (of mind)
I shall attain my lost innocence
with mindful action.

Buddha spirited—
I shall serve the world upon awakening.


धर्म विर

धर्म परिधि भित्र
बोधिसत्व वृक्ष,
निधारमा युगको
घुम्रेको जडा!

हरेक साससँग
आकाश निल्ने,
म धर्म विर,
सत्य स्वरुप लिदैं,

मन संयमले बाधिं,
सुनौला पंख उघारी,
खोसिएको सोझोपना,
कर्मले सिङ्गार्छु।

म धर्म विर जागी
जग जोगाउछु।

Manokamana – Poetry on Film Series #2:
Mero Chowk – Poem by Bhupi Sherchan
Recording, Footages & Edit- Kathmandu, 2007
Language: Nepali. Subtitles: No.

I was 18 or so when I made this video recording in Kathmandu. Thought it’s better to share this video with you today than to keep it hidden in the personal archive where it’d be lost like I was as a hyper-sensitive young poet in a city which is both cruel and beautiful… I believe this poem will mean something to those who share Bhupi Sherchan’s dreams and frustrations for his country, his poetic suffering and conscience.

The original file size of the video I have with me is 2.5 MB. And it was a massive file which took ages to upload in the low-speed world of yore.

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