Writerly Grace: A good start for the new year with full-hearted gratitude to the universe!

Poetry News

I’ve just signed the contract for my poem “A Personal Index of Our Times.” It will appear on Strange Horizons maybe next week or so. I wrote the first version of the poem two years ago, and then took a long break from most things writing and publishing. Mad-stupid? Yeah! I know.

The good news is that I’ve started to write again. I wrote and sold a new poem “The Valley of Kings” to Star*Line in December. The work will appear in one of the next two issues.

Fiction News

I have a story coming out this year: “The Architecture of Loss” in Kalicalypse: an Anthology of Science Fiction from the Subcontinent from Future Fiction, Italy (2022).

I wrote three short stories in the past two-three months; one of which is a chapter for a historical novel. Writing gets better with writing, that’s for sure; the last story was the best writing I have done in a long time.

Also, I developed the outline for a trilogy of novels, but I have decided to put it on hold to write a shorter standalone novel first.

Editing/Publishing News

Mithila Review (and “India 2049”) is on hiatus until further notice. I will bring it back when funds/time permits.