Dirgha — Science Fiction to Climate Action

Dirgha – Week 1 #buildinginpublic (02/12/23)

Just received a positive response from the first startup incubator I applied to.

Although it’s just an invite for a call, I’m getting emotional.

It’s probably the sleepless nights, long hours, the impossibility to balance work-life, uncertainty, people telling get a real job!

Humility, mission, ambition — words can’t describe the ups and downs, highs and lows, what a roller coaster ride it is to build a startup, zero to one.

I’ve been at it for months, but for simplicity, I’ll look back at this time as Week 1 of building Dirgha in public.

We’re on a mission to simplify climate finance and accelerate global energy transition.

You can follow my journey here on X.

If you’re a climate investor, let’s talk.


Dirgha – Week 2 (13/12/23)


“When I look at any successful person, there’s there’s no substitute for hard work. Sure, there’s luck along the way but you have to be and thinking about it night and day and all it’s all consuming basically.”

“I think certain people have certain blessings right and you can get to a certain level of comfort in life if you’re one of those lucky people that are blessed. But if you want to be truly world-class and at the pinnacle of whatever industry you pick, then you have to work hard because your rivals will be.”

Ayman Rahman. CEO, Dare.

The almighty Youtube algorithm has figured me out.

It suggested an interview with Dare, a billion-dollar energy company that I had never heard of before.

I love these origin stories because you need every dose of insight and inspiration that you can get when you’re a founder at the earliest stage of building a company, which has essentially zero value.

You can’t go from Zero to One without standing on the shoulders of the giants — building upon their inventions, successes and failures — to create something new, magical and revolutionary.

Time and attention are scarce. Every potential partner weighs their investment in you against immediate returns.

Youtube is the way to get their time.

X could be a way to get their attention.

Angel Investors

Dirgha means enduring; it means build-to-last.

My search continues for the first official partners who share our long-term vision and have the operational, intellectual, and financial capacity to invest in it.

This week’s meetings – one in person, one over the phone, and two via video calls – were more than just meetings.

Every feedback, every human interaction, makes the company more real to the founder. The founding story begins to gain weight of complicated emotions — love, indifference, interest — even as we try to stay rational and unemotional.

1 Billion Watts

In terms of execution, Dirgha’s online marketing kicks off next week.

In 2009, I got the opportunity to lead Tata Tea’s Jaago Re! campaign for social awareness for 1 billion votes, social activism and volunteering.

In 2015, I instilled a fresh data-driven approach and IBM-class content design aesthetics into Tata Consulting Services’ (TCS) B2B marketing efforts.

At Dirgha, we’re serving both audiences: B2C (residential and SME energy customers), and B2B (impact financiers, manufacturers, and EPCs).

Drawing first-hand insights from these two projects (and many others), I’m developing a billion-watt campaign to generate the momentum necessary to advance Dirgha’s mission to accelerate the global energy transition at scale.

It’s hard work that consumes nights and days, but I am happily committed to serving this glorious purpose.

PS. While writing this update, I received a call to set up a new meeting, and I’m like over the moon. I am just a curious kid with some talent and a powerful dream among the giants in the field.