Solar Acceleration (S/acc): One World, One Grid, One Market

Solar Acceleration (s/acc)

Solar Acceleration (s/acc) encapsulates the vision of building an open-source protocol to decarbonize and connect the world’s grids and energy markets.


How can we get past closed, byzantine, greedy machines that resist, fear and stifle competition, new talent, thinking and innovation, and slow down the global clean energy transition and climate action?

How can we change/upgrade/scale up sales and marketing to be more effective, educational, organic, personalized, and precise?

How can we get rid of the bloat, regulatory capture, red tape, and special interests to unleash the full potential of climate startups?


Simplify buying and selling clean energy: build a decentralized, open protocol to link the global energy markets

  • Make s/acc profitable for private climate investors and funds
  • Connect energy producers, prosumers, and traders with consumers worldwide through open APIs
  • Give true autonomy, access to opportunities, expert resources, and better incentives to local EPCs and startups to grow faster

— @salik

PS. Consider the above definition of s/acc v0.1. I’ll build upon the concept in the coming weeks.


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