The Ingredients of a Breakthrough Story – The Flights of Foundry

Flights of Foundry is a virtual convention for speculative creators and fans. The writers, the artists, the game makers and podcasters. The dreamers, thinkers, and doers.

The Ingredients of a Breakthrough Story
Moderators: Coral Moore
Speakers: Eliana González Ugarte, Andy Dudak, Salik Shah, Valerie Valdes

Editors and authors talk about how they shape ideas, what they look for, how they edit, experimental narratives they’ve tried, what works and what doesn’t. Join this session for insights into how professionals craft and recognize exceptional short stories.

Plural Worlds, Plural Futures: South Asian Speculative Fiction

A discussion with four South Asian science fiction and fantasy writers on imagining new worlds and futures:


TSAL, along with Plurality University Network, presents a discussion with four South Asian science fiction and fantasy writers on imagining new worlds and futures.

Speculative fiction – a broad category that includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more – has long been a space for writers to envision alternatives to our world and our circumstances, whether in outer space, magical realms, or right here in (a reimagined) Earth. TSAL, in partnership with the Plurality University Network, is thrilled to host a conversation with Mary Anne Mohanraj, Mimi Mondal, Salik Shah, and Iona Datt Sharma about what those new worlds and futures look like in their writing and work.

FIYAHCON – Fringe Programming

FIYAHCON is a virtual convention centering the perspectives and celebrating the contributions of BIPOC in speculative fiction. Hosted by FIYAH Literary Magazine. The inaugural event will take place on October 17-18, 2020 and will host a variety of entertaining and educational content surrounding the business, craft, and community of speculative literature.

Thank you to FIYACON, Vida Cruz and Iora Kusano for inviting me to be a panelist on these two panels:

Running A Genre Magazine – Friday 10/16 10:00pm EDT with Eliana González Ugarte • Terrie Hashimoto • Salik Shah • Victor Fernando R. Ocampo (Moderator)

To many writers, the inner workings of magazines are utterly opaque. Our panel of editors can give you insight into what things look like on their side of the desk: financial legal considerations, unexpected challenges, how to best promote authors’ work. This panel is great for any author who wants to see how a magazine is made, especially if they’re considering starting a magazine of their own!

Finding and Getting Involved in Your Local SFF Scene – Friday 10/16 11:00pm EDT with Kate Osias • Yasser Bahjatt • Gabriela Lee • Ted Mahsun • Salik Shah

When you live outside the Anglosphere, it can be hard to find your local markets—if they exist at all. Panelists from the Middle East Southeast Asia will share how they connected with their communities, offer suggestions for finding building community wherever you are.