Facebook Marketing – Scorecard

Designing Content for Virality, Engagements & Impact

As a copywriter and social media manager, I led social media marketing campaigns for many brands — often from scratch — at Jack In the Box Worldwide (2011-12). This growth chart is based on actual Facebook data from some of my happy clients.


My speaker deck, “How to write perfect sentences for Facebook (Twitter, Linkedin, websites, headlines, brochures, etc),” has trended on SlideShare with 50K+ views; it contains original samples of my Facebook posts, writing and design.



Sony Music


Client: Sony Music
Agency: Jack In the Box Worldwide, Mumbai
Softwares: OmniGraffle, Photoshop
Role: Web / UX/UI Design
Year: 2012


As a senior project manager for the technology team at the agency, I was baffled with the design quality, and time taken to produce, design and develop weekly Facebook applications for Sony Music.

  • The lack of a consistent design approach / stylebook was failing in-house designers.
  • The custom design for Facebook apps didn’t seem to be accomplishing what it was supposed to: make audiences BUY music.
  • The design delivery process was costly for everyone involved

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I came up with a simple theme/template-based design solution to automate the process. Key features of the new app layout:

  • Users can easily choose to buy songs from their preferred music stores, leading to increased sales
  • Social media icons are displayed prominently, increasing share-ability
  • It’d save both time and money, and reduce stress at the workplace