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In February 2017, I helped a leading digital publishing startup in India to fine-tune their approach to content marketing. These are actual performance data for Feb 1-23 (23 days) compared to previous month Jan 1-31 (31 days) while I led the in-house digital marketing team as a content marketer.

Media: Blog, Newsletter, Social (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)



Jan – 54.5K impressions per day
Feb – 59.9K impressions per day

Engagement Rate:

Jan – 5.7%
Feb – 6.6%

Link Clicks:

Jan – 3.6 link clicks per day (111.8K)
Feb- 3.6 link clicks per day (86K)


Jan – 10 RTs per day
Feb – 23 RTs per day


Jan – 20 likes per day (Total: 631)
Feb – 47 likes per day (Total: 1.1K)


Jan – 5 replies per day (Total: 147)
Feb – 9 replies per day (Total: 217)


Engagements ­- Up by 102% (120,265)

Page Likes ­- Up by 166% (708)

Reach ­- Up by 91% (1,374,473)

Actions -­ Up by 178% (89)

Page Views -­ Up by 95% (1562)

Videos ­- Views up by 5,823 (19,308)


Following the newsletter redesign initiative to make it more reader-friendly with prominent call-to-actions, A/B results showed higher click rates.


Jan – 195
Feb – 236

New Sessions

Jan – 19%
Feb – 32%

New Users

Jan – 37
Feb – 77


As the result of the new social media approach and newsletter redesign, the blog received 17.02% increase in Sessions (5,075 vs 4,337) of which 5.04% sessions are New (first time visits).­ At least one session per user is up by 19.24% (4,171 vs 3,498).

Traffic from Newsletter to Blog (previously absent from top 10 traffic sources):

Sessions: 89
New Sessions: 42%
New Users: 38

Illustrated Book: The Story of India’s Partition

Title: The Story of India’s Partition
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2017


On July 8, 1947, Cyril Radcliffe arrived in India for the first time. He had five weeks and four judges to settle the boundary between the newly independent India and a newborn state of Pakistan. After drawing the “ Radcliffe Line,” the British officer burnt his papers, refused his fee, and left the wounded continent never to set foot on it again. Based on W.H. Auden’s famous poem, “Partition,” this is an illustrated account of the man who oversaw the controversial border settlement which left one million dead and twelve million homeless and permanently displaced.

Available to purchase on Apple iTunes Store &

Cover / Sample Pages


Available to purchase on Apple iTunes Store &