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In February 2017, I helped a leading digital publishing startup in India to fine-tune their approach to content marketing. These are actual performance data for Feb 1-23 (23 days) compared to previous month Jan 1-31 (31 days) while I led the in-house digital marketing team as a content marketer.

Media: Blog, Newsletter, Social (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)



Jan – 54.5K impressions per day
Feb – 59.9K impressions per day

Engagement Rate:

Jan – 5.7%
Feb – 6.6%

Link Clicks:

Jan – 3.6 link clicks per day (111.8K)
Feb- 3.6 link clicks per day (86K)


Jan – 10 RTs per day
Feb – 23 RTs per day


Jan – 20 likes per day (Total: 631)
Feb – 47 likes per day (Total: 1.1K)


Jan – 5 replies per day (Total: 147)
Feb – 9 replies per day (Total: 217)


Engagements ­- Up by 102% (120,265)

Page Likes ­- Up by 166% (708)

Reach ­- Up by 91% (1,374,473)

Actions -­ Up by 178% (89)

Page Views -­ Up by 95% (1562)

Videos ­- Views up by 5,823 (19,308)


Following the newsletter redesign initiative to make it more reader-friendly with prominent call-to-actions, A/B results showed higher click rates.


Jan – 195
Feb – 236

New Sessions

Jan – 19%
Feb – 32%

New Users

Jan – 37
Feb – 77


As the result of the new social media approach and newsletter redesign, the blog received 17.02% increase in Sessions (5,075 vs 4,337) of which 5.04% sessions are New (first time visits).­ At least one session per user is up by 19.24% (4,171 vs 3,498).

Traffic from Newsletter to Blog (previously absent from top 10 traffic sources):

Sessions: 89
New Sessions: 42%
New Users: 38

Tata Tea – Jaago Re!

Client: Tata Tea
Campaign: Jaago Re!
Agency: Dentsu Webchutney, Mumbai
Roles: Copywriter & Content Strategist, Social Media Manager
Year: 2010

> Watch video about the campaign here on Youtube!


  • Strategy & Execution — Led social media strategy, leveraging Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to boost brand awareness and engagements for Tata Tea’s Jaago Re! campaign 
  • Brand Watch — Listened to what people were saying about the brand and proposed ways to take the ongoing campaign ahead
  • Influencer Marketing — Networked extensively with media partners, bloggers and social media evangelists; organized a meet up for the top influencers on social media 
  • Copywriting / Content Development — Planned, created and measured performance of content for existing websites, blogs and social media channels
  • Search Engine Optimization — Seeded thousands of links on hundreds of Facebook pages, popular and no-so-popular forums and blogs with numerous accounts to build strong search engine presence and drive traffic to the site

Jaago Re! Meet Up, 2010