Poetry: “A Personal Index of Our Times” (Strange Horizons, January 2022)

My poem “A Personal Index of Our Times” is up here on Strange Horizons (January 2022).

Salik Shah offers an abcedarium of the jinn for our global village in ‘A Personal Index of Our Times.’” — Strange Horizons 

Many thanks to Bogi Takács (eir bio reads: Lamda + Hugo winner) for a glowing review:

Vijayalakshmi Harish (bio: author of Strange Times and Co-Editor, Write in Power: An Anthology of the Personal & the Political (2021)) writes in a private Twitter thread:

“‘A Personal Index of Our Times,’ by @salik, is an inventive poem, that uses both form and content, to challenge the reader, and invites us to look for meaning beyond the words, and in the spaces between them.”

You can read the poem here on Strange Horizons.


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